80.1 F
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Tuesday, September 27, 2016


A Plastic Ocean?

Our beautiful oceans and seas are being choked by our consumptions of plastics. It washes...

Monitoring the Second Largest Reef in the World

Healthy Reefs Initiative (HRI) is an NGO that has been monitoring this system’s health for...

Fighting for Transgender Rights in Mexico

While practicing law in Mexico City, Alejandro Barrera Padilla was presented a case that peaked...

Kaokao Maya Chocolate House

Opened in 2007, this chocolate factory is a fun, off the beaten path activity on...

Night Art Exhibition

On a recent evening in Cozumel, Khela de Freslon and Oscar Larrauri shared their love...

Live Music in Cozumel

Visiting the beautiful island of Cozumel and in search of some live music? Here a...
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The Gallery Condos Placing The First Stone

On the evening Friday, August 12th, over 600 V.I.P guests attended the ceremonial placing of...

TPT Meets: Dr. Azael Calderon from Arthros Orthopedic & Trauma Center

We had the opportunity to meet and interview Dr. Azael Calderon from Arthros Centro de...

KKIS: Another School Year Begins

Thanks to KKIS, their supporters and volunteers, almost 2,000 children will receive school supplies this...
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Playa del Carmen, Mexico
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Mi Patio, Your Patio!

Catherine spoke with Lars Tange from Mi Patio to find out what inspired him to open an outdoor furniture store after a move of...

Need a Good Property Manager, Who You Gonna Call?

An international company sounds like a good aid when it comes to real estate situations and decision making, and we have encountered the best...

No Mexican Right of Survivorship

Foreign property owners in Mexico need to be aware of the differences between Mexican law and the rest of North America. Mexico does not...

Protecting Your Money

The definition of an escrow account is ¨a temporary pass-through account held by a third party during the process of a transaction between two...

Xkaluah Disc Golf

I headed north out of Playa one day to go meet up with American Mike Kalous in Puerto Morelos. He had recently posted on...

FITeatro 2016

Algoritmo Peter Pan (The Peter Pan Algorithm)

Sunday, September 25 Teatro de la Ciudad 7:00 p.m. Company: A Poc A Poc Algoritmo Peter Pan builds up a show based on child's play and a...


Six Tips To Decluttering Your Home

Tired of the chaos? Have one too many ¨junk¨ drawers? Check out Sara's suggestions on...

Spa at Home: Face Masks

Here are a few tips for rejuvenating your skin while not breaking the bank A great...

Scrumptious Smoothies

Making smoothies at home is a great way of getting your vitamins, minerals, fruits, supplements...


What’s On: Sept 21-Oct 4

SPECIAL EVENTS BEACH HOUSE CINEMA, “Napoleon Dynamite”, Wednesday, September 21 at 8:00 p.m., Limited space...

The Xuuxnë Xuuxnë Music Project

It is always rewarding to find talented people who want to nurture the talent of...

Celebrating Mexico with the Mariachi

When you think about Mexico, many things may come to mind, but none like the...


Dogs in a Flight For Their Life

Find out how you can escort a dog or puppy to their new home in...

Patience and Persistence

Canadian Lori Lemieux fell in love with Playa del Carmen while on a visit for...

The Inspiration of Dog Rescue

When an abused Doberman came into Hector and Carla’s life, she quickly became a local...


Dear Craig

Dear Craig, How old are you? From your picture, I’d say you were about 50, but...

Quit Your Job and Become a Spa Manager in Paradise

The Playa Times: Give us some insight into how you landed here. Jacqueline van Nostrand: I’m...

Dear Craig: Curious Cupid

Dear Craig, I am really curious – what did you do for Valentine's Day? Somehow, I...

Dear Craig

Submitted from somewhere north of the border. What I Miss About Living In Playa When the night...

Dear Craig

Dear Craig, I have read two months' worth of your column in the Playa Times, and...

Dear Craig: Honestly Asking

Dear Craig, Are the questions you answer real, or do you just make them up to...


Carlota de Limón

Have you been invited to a friend’s house and you don’t want to bring the omnipresent and boring trifle, tiramisu or pudding? Then make...
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