80.2 F
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Thursday, October 27, 2016


Beach Erosion in the Riviera Maya: An Interview with Dr. Paul Geerders

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Paul Geerders, an independent...

ITU 2016 In Cozumel

The International Triathlon Union offers an incredible competition experience for amateur athletes, as well as...

The Seawalls: One Year Later

It has been one year now that the island of Cozumel has been beautified by...

3rd Annual Mini Fun Run

The team here at The Playa Times is very excited for this Sunday, October 9....

Akumal Beach Finally Reopened

On August 29, approval was given for the reopening to the general public of a...

Wushu Kungfu Cozumel

Cozumel is a beautiful island that offers world-class scuba diving and snorkeling. But, there is...
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How to Take a Colectivo in Playa del Carmen

If you live in Playa del Carmen and want to get around the Riviera Maya...

Tourist Tips: Taxis

New to Playa and need to get around? Taxis are one option, and there are...

Quit your job and start a beef jerky business in Paradise

Where are you originally from and how did you find yourself in Playa? I was raised...
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Playa del Carmen, Mexico
light rain
80.2 ° F
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Canceling Your Timeshare Contract

It is easy to be caught up in a sales pitch while you are dreaming of owning a place in Mexico. The sun, beach...

Mi Patio, Your Patio!

Catherine spoke with Lars Tange from Mi Patio to find out what inspired him to open an outdoor furniture store after a move of...

Need a Good Property Manager, Who You Gonna Call?

An international company sounds like a good aid when it comes to real estate situations and decision making, and we have encountered the best...

No Mexican Right of Survivorship

Foreign property owners in Mexico need to be aware of the differences between Mexican law and the rest of North America. Mexico does not...

Protecting Your Money

The definition of an escrow account is ¨a temporary pass-through account held by a third party during the process of a transaction between two...


Divers Grand Opening

It was a perfect night; the sky was full of stars and the moon was shining brightly on Playa del Carmen for the Grand...


An Interview with Marcos Velázquez, Playa del Carmen’s Blind Triathlete

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to meet with a very special man. Marcos...

Four Ways to Start Exercising

Running, walking, weight training, swimming, cycling, yoga, tai chi, volleyball, basketball - the options for...

Congratulations Team Australia!

The 30th World Amateur Team Championship was held last week (21 September - 24 September)...


Empowering Local Animal Welfare in PDC

International Fund for Animal Welfare IFAW believes in managing the well-being of companion animals at...

Conference on the Captive Dolphin Industry

The controversy around dolphinariums continues as the world grows more awareness of the inhumane treatment...

Riviera Rescue

Riviera Rescue is a non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs...


Dear Craig

Dear Craig, How old are you? From your picture, I’d say you were about 50, but...

Quit Your Job and Become a Spa Manager in Paradise

The Playa Times: Give us some insight into how you landed here. Jacqueline van Nostrand: I’m...

Dear Craig: Curious Cupid

Dear Craig, I am really curious – what did you do for Valentine's Day? Somehow, I...

Dear Craig

Submitted from somewhere north of the border. What I Miss About Living In Playa When the night...

Dear Craig

Dear Craig, I have read two months' worth of your column in the Playa Times, and...

Dear Craig: Honestly Asking

Dear Craig, Are the questions you answer real, or do you just make them up to...


Tequila La Leyenda

Mauricio Diaz, Restaurant Manager of La Joya at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, Cancun invited me and a half dozen other tequila aficionados...
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