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Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Sea Turtles: Up Close and Personal

Denisse Pohls, a Cozumel-based photographer, takes us into the underwater world with her stunning photographs Denisse...

Date Change: Riviera Maya International Jazz Festival

Dates moved to first week in December One of the most important events in Playa del...

CFE Changes

2018 will bring major changes to Mexico's energy provider The recent energy reform law that has...

Locusts Invade Quintana Roo

The giant insects are wreaking havoc on the region's agriculture industry, including Melipona honey production Thousands...

Sea Turtle Facts

Sea turtles or marine turtles are a vital part of the ecosystem here in the...

Bicyclists Beware

Think a ride down Fifth Avenue is a great way to start your morning? Think...
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TPT Meets: Dr. Azael Calderon from Arthros Orthopedic & Trauma Center

We had the opportunity to meet and interview Dr. Azael Calderon from Arthros Centro de...

KKIS: Another School Year Begins

Thanks to KKIS, their supporters and volunteers, almost 2,000 children will receive school supplies this...

The Palm at Playa: Breakfast, Lunch and Party!

Walking around downtown Playa del Carmen I found a quaint restaurant, Aroma Cilantro, with a...
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Playa del Carmen, Mexico
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Protecting Your Money

The definition of an escrow account is ¨a temporary pass-through account held by a third party during the process of a transaction between two...

Xkaluah Disc Golf

I headed north out of Playa one day to go meet up with American Mike Kalous in Puerto Morelos. He had recently posted on...

Hammocks: A Variety of Qualities and Materials

There are different qualities and materials among hammocks and it is important to know how they differ and which to choose depending on your...

Foreign Investment Law

Changes to the amount that can be invested in Mexico by foreigners were made in May On May 12, federal authorities determined the new maximum...

Gentleman Jacks

Crystal is always on the lookout for great, live music. Lucky for her, the Riviera Maya attracts amazing artists from all over the map. It...
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What is Laparoscopic or Minimally Invasive Surgery?

In the last two decades, the medical terms laparoscopic surgery and minimally invasive surgery have...

Style Studio

In search of the perfect mani-pedi, Sara headed over to the new salon located in...

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

For a core strengthening, full body-conditioning workout, grab a board and paddle and head to...


The Cranberries in Cancun

The Irish rock band makes its way to the Mexican Caribbean for the first time...

TPT Meets: Alan Vadillo from Beanheads

This trio from Guadalajara doesn’t label themselves with a genre. Instead, they make music from...

What’s On: Aug 17- Sept 6

SPECIAL EVENTS "LA 1A. COLECTA de ÚTILES ESCOLARES". XIHUETZCA NOCHIPA is collecting school supplies at several...


Patience and Persistence

Canadian Lori Lemieux fell in love with Playa del Carmen while on a visit for...

The Inspiration of Dog Rescue

When an abused Doberman came into Hector and Carla’s life, she quickly became a local...

An Octopus’s Garden

The octopus is a solitary, eight armed, cephalopod mollusk. The octopus is a highly intelligent...


Dear Craig

Dear Craig, How old are you? From your picture, I’d say you were about 50, but...

Quit Your Job and Become a Spa Manager in Paradise

The Playa Times: Give us some insight into how you landed here. Jacqueline van Nostrand: I’m...

Dear Craig: Curious Cupid

Dear Craig, I am really curious – what did you do for Valentine's Day? Somehow, I...

Dear Craig

Submitted from somewhere north of the border. What I Miss About Living In Playa When the night...

Dear Craig

Dear Craig, I have read two months' worth of your column in the Playa Times, and...

Dear Craig: Honestly Asking

Dear Craig, Are the questions you answer real, or do you just make them up to...


Carnitas (feeds 8 to 10)

4 lb boneless pork shoulder (or pork butt) cut in half ½ cup vegetable oil ½ cup lard 2 cups water 1 onion,...
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